Our Services


We strive to produce high quality, comprehensive and integrated plans. By emphasizing the inclusion of infrastructure, transportation and servicing provisions, we make clear links between planning decisions and associated development costs. We are comfortable working in the complex, multi-stakeholder environments involved in the planning process, bringing together the right interdisciplinary team while ensuring the public is engaged at multiple levels.

We assist our clients with high-level policy documents such as development plan and secondary plan by-laws, as well as with zoning by-laws and other implementation tools. Our in-depth understanding of Manitoba's provincial planning framework is an asset to our work, and to our clients.


We provide advisory and advocacy service to public, private and non-profit clients. Whether you are considering converting a heritage building to a new use or are building from scratch, we can help take your project from an idea through to completion. We assist clients through the application and statutory processes associated with development projects--from applying for permits, conditional uses, variances and by-law amendments, to simple or complex developments.  

Our services in this area include reviewing local bylaws that affect a client's application, preparing supporting documentation, and facilitating the application through public hearings and approval processes.  We also provide consultation services for projects that would benefit from increased engagement with the community.  


We produce supporting plans, strategies and studies for a complete planning spectrum. Business plans, feasibility studies, background studies, drinking water & wastewater management plans, guidelines and development standards--we have the research, consultation and report writing expertise necessary to produce high quality and effective strategies and studies that support our clients needs.